2010 Symposium

On 2nd of July 2010 GlaxoSmithKline and Singapore Economic Development Board formally introduced the S$33 million GSK-Singapore Partnership for Green and Sustainable Manufacturing (GSM). This marks the beginning of the GSM program that is aimed to grow Singapore's capabilities and talent base in green and sustainable manufacturing as well as healthcare policy studies in the region. This joint fund was announced by Chief Executive Office for GSK, Andrew Witty and Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsein Loong when they officiated the opening of the Biologicals Vaccine Plant in Tuas South Biomedical Park in June 2009.

This year, eight projects from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences were awarded funding under the GSM partnership and we expect to be awarding funding to more deserving proposals in the years to come.

“GSK is committed to the sustainability of our company, our people, our facilities, and the communities in which we operate. The funds we are committing for the research on green and sustainable manufacturing over 10 years will help Singapore to become a leader in sustainability research in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals manufacturing and ensure that companies, such as GSK, can improve the efficiency of all activities by minimising materials, energy and waste worldwide."

- Chief Executive Officer, GSK, Andrew Witty

The 8 researchers whose project was selected to be awarded the Green and Sustainable Manufacturing funding.

The GSK-EDB team who are ready to kick-start the Request for Proposal Event, a pre symposium event that focuses on introducing the GSM spirit.

Participants from different universities and research institutes gathering for the announcement of the first research grant from the GSK-EDB fund.

GlaxoSmithKline has a strong interest in sustainable manufacturing. This interest in sustainability is shared with the Singapore Economic Development Board. We invite Singapore Universities and Institutes to participate.an>

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