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The GSM Trust Fund is pleased to announce the 4th funding call for proposals.
Deadline for submission: 16 September 2016, 5pm

Researchers interested in submitting a proposal should review the information below and refer to the guidance and FAQ sections provided. Applicants should review our Industry Challenges page to assist in the targeting of proposals towards sustainability problems. While submissions can address challenges and technology areas (e.g., microwave reactors, supercritical fluids) which are not explicitly provided, it is important that a clear link to sustainability is included for the challenge addressed. Researchers should not assume that technologies / process solutions will be assumed to be ‘green’ by peer review committees, and should explicitly identify the opportunity. A clear link of the proposed research program to sustainability is a key peer review criteria.

For the purpose of review, all applications will be classified into the category of best fit. We understand that some projects may fall within multiple areas, and in that case the GSM steering team will assign the project to a category based on best fit. There is no penalty incurred for assessment of such projects. All project submissions will be assessed by a number of peer reviewers who are subject matter experts from within industry. Each industry challenge area will have a peer review team. The individual assessments are brought together as a composite review and recommendations are made to the trust fund steering team as to which projects best meet the objectives of the fund.

Reviewers will use a template review form when assessing applications and providing feedback to the steering team on applications. This will ensure transparency and consistency in assessments.


For academics who wish to submit a proposal we provide guidance, necessary forms, and an FAQ section.

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