Green Equipment and Technology

    Green Equipment and Technology

  • The Use of PAT to Improve Product Sustainability

  • Process Integration

  • On-Line Mathematical Modeling of PAT data

  • Evaluation of benefits for drug substance continuous manufacturing

  • Develop a more detailed and real-world representative ROI analysis for e2e manufacturing

  • Assess the feasibility of laser induced crystallization in microspheres

  • Assessing the impact of biopharmaceutical processing on the carbon footprint and how different technologies present different outcomes. (Aligned to the existing work on the bio harm value chain sustainability roadmap)

  • Identifying methods of reducing the impact of disposable biopharmaceutical processing technology on the environment (e.g. disposable bio-reactors)

  • Addressing the challenge of the cold supply chain required to support biopharmaceutical products

  • Demonstrate both the ability to scale up the production of controlled API microspheres and the tunability of the platform in the production of single and co-formulated crystalline API drug product

  • Automate the development of drug product formulations through the use of models that predict compatibility and dissolution profile with a standard set of excipients based on the physical and chemical properties of the API, combined with tableting equipment with built-in analytics that can automatically iterate to a final drug product formulation meeting the required specifications (which would be part of the input to the development algorithm)

When considering a submission, please review the problem statements which highlight some of the challenges faced within the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

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