Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I make multiple applications?
A) Yes, certainly, if you have several ideas for different project proposals.

Q) Are there any budgetary constraints to be aware of when making applications?
A) There are no formal constraints or limits to the budgets. However, a key objective of the fund is to provide training to researchers. Therefore, if a project budget includes a high consumables budget with small budget for training of minimal people this is not in-line with the objective. As a rough guide a manpower / consumables ratio of 2:1 is usually considered acceptable. It is important to note that the peer review is based on several objectives / merits, and in the event that a project is well received by reviewers except for a budgetary issue, a negotiation phase may ensue to see if agreement can be reached.

Q) Will I get feedback on my application, whether successful or not?
A) Yes, feedback will be provided via written communication when informing the applicant of the outcome of assessment.

Q) If my application is unsuccessful can I apply again in the next call for proposals?
A) Yes, certainly.

Q) If my application is unsuccessful will it automatically be considered in the next round?
A) No. (Exception will be for those considered out-of-scope from the first round)

Q) Is it necessary that my project be collaborative in nature?
A) No, not necessarily. Collaboration is welcome and encouraged, however project applications which are not collaborative will not be penalised during the review process.

Q) Do I have to be based in Singapore to apply?
A) Yes, your intended research must be carried out within Singapore.

Q) Can a project include collaborators from overseas?
A) Yes, provided that the principle applicant is based in Singapore and the trainee or researcher working on this project must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident in order to be funded by the Trust.

Q) Does the project need to revolve around a GSK product or process?
A) No. Projects based around new technologies, engineering solutions, more sustainable metholodologies are all in scope

For academics who wish to submit a proposal we provide guidance, necessary forms, and an FAQ section.

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